So….it’s been a while since my last post. There’s a reason for that. I don’t know what to write. And it’s not like there isn’t anything going on in my life here, because there has certainly been A LOT that has happened since my last post. But sometimes, it’s difficult to put transitions into words. … More Normal

Sea Fireflies

While Phang Nga may be a bit of a sleepy town, one definite perk of living here is the ability to be pretty impromptu. A small town, yes, but from the bus station you have access to an international airport and so many of the amazing beaches throughout the province. So, on Friday, when Emily … More Sea Fireflies


I shouted, my voice giving out a bit as the end of 8th period came to a close, “Please! Remember! Today, 4 o’clock. Makeup test in room 322. Sam song song!”. Most nodded in agreement, some of course kept talking and walking out the door, but hey, hopefully half of them would show up. As … More Book

Settling In

When I accepted my position in Phang Nga, I knew that I was not stepping into an easy school. My students would not always be sitting, hands folded neatly on their desk, with completed homework at the ready. In fact, I knew that I would often have overcrowded, boisterous classrooms full of students with varying … More Settling In


The droplets come racing down onto the rows and blocks of tin-roof houses, and the patter echoes throughout the town like a drum roll welcoming the reprieve from the heat. The smell of cooling floats through the air as the pavement sighs in relief and releases its steam in slow motion, only to be whisked … More Rain